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Reconnect with Nature & Yourself

with gentle and safe holistic medicine.

Meet Lucie 

Licensed Homeopath

I am a classically trained homeopath based in Wales, UK where I am available to see patients face to face or worldwide via Zoom or Skype.

I have always had an interest in natural and non toxic ways of healing my ailments. But until I actually started to see a homeopath on a regular basis, I never realised how deep and profound homeopathic treatment can be. It helped me not only with my own health issues but also empowered me in my own growth as a human being.

Homeopathy can help you achieve the best possible state of well-being and maintain that level. All it takes is for you to make the first step today. Start the journey to the 'better you',  commit and everything else will follow.

My passion for using wholesome and gentle approach to my health and lifestyle has led me to want to help others to fulfil their own potential.


I will walk alongside you and support you through your own healing with homeopathic remedies that are gentle and safe for anyone - including pregnant women, babies and elderly.


I believe that our society should have the choice in how we manage our own health and that as much as the conventional medicine can be life saving, it cannot (and does not) cure every condition.

This is where alternative therapies can be very effective because not only they strengthen the immune system, but can also work alongside any other treatment, offering the patient the best out of both worlds. 

Meet Amelia
Why Naturopathy

What is in it for you?

Homeopathy is a holistic approach to health and disease. It is an intricate, yet beautiful art of treating an individual by engaging their own healing capacity, in order to regain (and maintain) state of well-being.
It can work for anyone, in most conditions, both as an alternative approach or as a complimentary to other forms of medicine. Homeopathy improves the quality of life in people with various medical conditions and can be used in a first aid situation, acute and chronic (longer standing illness) alike. There is no limit as to where/how homeopathy can be applied. 


It can help with

Calm Lake


Do you experience bloating after eating or several hours after eating?

Are you full after eating very little amount or feeling nauseous?

Do you suffer from diarrhoea, constipation or irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)?

Colic in babies are very common and can either be a sign of an underdeveloped digestive system or sensitivity to milk (formula or mother's milk). Either cause can be quickly and effectively resolved with a homeopathic remedy.

Do you suffer with migraines/headaches on regular basis?

Often those can be related to the stage of a female’s cycle, but headaches can also be connected to too much study in teenagers or university students preparing for difficult exams.

Faded Shapes

Injuries, Accidents, Post Operation Recovery

Have you injured yourself whilst running or cycling?

Have you had a hip/knee replacement or are you awaiting one?

Homeopathic remedies can support the health of soft tissue, ligaments and tendons before operation and are irreplaceable as a recovery tool afterwards to regain the state of well-being again.

Hay fever, allergic reactions, cold sores/mouth ulcers

Do you need to stay indoors every spring otherwise you sneeze non-stop and your eyes water?

Have you got food intolerance?

Do you get a cold sore after sun exposure or a stressful day?

Are those frequent mouth ulcers preventing you from eating your favourite foods?

There are remedies that can be used acutely to help the symptoms as they arise, however best approach is to receive a regular constitutional treatment before the hay fever season arrives.

Pink Bubbles

Women’s health

Do you have painful/heavy and/or irregular periods?

Do you suffer from regular UTI's? 

Are you pregnant or having difficulty to get pregnant? 

Is your child going through puberty, are you entering menopause or recovering from giving birth?

Homeopathy can help with hormonal imbalances in women as well as men, for example conditions such as endometriosis, infertility (in both men and women) or post natal depression; and it is also great aid in any type of recovery (birth, operation, etc).

Chronic Fatigue, Brain fog, Malaise

Are you tired all the time for no apparent reason?

Do you wake up tired, despite having plenty of hours of sleep?

Fading Colors

Skin conditions

Whatever the label of the skin condition you may have been given, for example acne, eczema, psoriasis or dermatitis, homeopathic remedies can help to alleviate/reduce such conditions.

During a ‘flare-up’ of the chronic skin condition, we have remedies at our disposal that can alleviate redness or itching.

To heal a skin condition is a matter of working with a homeopath to address the root cause.

Trauma, Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Behavioural Problems

Are stressful situations difficult to handle?

Are you dealing with grief/loss/bereavement?

Are you suffering from anxiety/depression or low moods?

Is your child hyperactive or having troubles concentrating?

Homeopathy can support your whole being in order to deal with all those symptoms better.






“I discovered homeopathy during my second pregnancy whilst trying to find a more natural way to alleviate the side effects of pregnancy (constipation).

I found a homeopath who prescribed me a remedy and within 24hours my problem had resolved and didn’t return.

Following the birth of my big baby I was prescribed remedies to aid healing.


I was blown away how quickly I healed in comparison to my first birth.


I started my homeopathic journey with an open mind and no expectations. How quickly my body healed was sufficient evidence to me that homeopathy works and consequently ordered the basic homeopathy kits and signed up to a day course on how to use homeopathy at home.

I now find I am trusting my instincts more and using my kits instead of reaching for the paracetamol/calpol each time there is a fever or sniffle in the house.”


E.J., 36 year old female


Take responsibility for your own health today.


Thank you for contacting me.


Contact details

Lucie Groves

10 Gray Avenue, Manorbier

SA70 7TR


Wales, UK

Mobile: +447583640140


Professional homeopaths available round the clock.

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